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Methods Electricians Use in Checking Power Quality

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It is the best choice to guarantee your safety from all the electrical dangers around. Thus, it is vital to have electricians check your system once in a while for a good power quality

We should emphasise that not everything that works is always fine. There are instances where your voltage, current, and power requirements fail to deliver the right amount of quality due to some of your actions, and you cannot notice them at all. 

In technical terms, power quality failures include the unbalance of harmonics, current, and transients, as well as voltage dips and swells. These are fluctuations or changes in the value and quality of power running in the circuits.   

Electrical overloading, wire faults, and short circuits are some issues to blame which lowers the power quality in residential and commercial establishments. These hazards are hard to spot, and the law forbids you to conduct any electrical alterations to your system. Thus, you have no other choice but to ask Inner West Electricians to maintain or repair the quality of your power with their expertise. 

For reference, here are the methods that electricians use in checking your power quality:

Voltage Reading

From the national grid, 230V (Australia’s voltage requirement) enters your circuit to power up installed appliances and devices. However, due to voltage dips, swells, or transients, it rises and drops for a few seconds. Also, take note that these voltage changes cause damages in appliances and circuits. Thus, it is crucial to check the voltage inputs in your outlets. 

Electricians use measuring devices such as multimeter or voltage meter to read a voltage. The 230V requirement has +10%/-6% allowance as per the Electricity (Voltage Limits) Amendment Regulation 2017. So the allowable voltage value ranges from 216V to 253V. 

And if the electrician’s reading does not fall within the said range, you can ask for licensed level 2 electricians to look for faults and install new outlets if necessary.

Switchboard Analysis

The switchboard is the hub of all the circuits, electrical wires, and circuit breakers inside a building. You can even say that is the heart of your electrical system. So, electricians need to check the power quality of the switchboard to ensure that you are safe from any harm. 

Specifically, electricians conduct the following to analyse your switchboard:

  • Check wires and metal components for corrosion
  • Calculate electric load capacity
  • Determine the conductivity of wiring connection
  • Ensure the organisation of cables and other switchboard’s components
  • Point out electrical dangers and risks
  • Inspect circuit breakers or fuses

General Electrical Inspection

Are you moving to a new house? Or does your light flicker all the time? 

Electricians recommend having an annual general electrical inspection of your place to check the power quality. It is a wise choice because you would know the current state of your system. And you can protect your home or workplace from electrical threats which hidden faults might bring. 

Electricians conduct in-depth and comprehensive methods to analyse all corners of your place, leaving no hazards behind. Listed below are some of their ways to inspect the overall condition of your circuits:

  • Test the functionality of installed electrical components (circuit breakers, switches, outlets)
  • Spot wiring faults and broken connection throughout the whole area
  • Examine the wattage and connection of lighting fixtures (indoor and outdoor lighting)
  • Verify grounding requirements
  • Check the material of wires (best recommended: copper wires). 
  • Identify possible electrical hazards 
  • Inspect the electric meter box
  • Validate current input from public poles to outlets
  • Assess smoke detectors, alarms and other safety devices. 
  • Confirm proper installation of private poles or solar panels
  • Analyse telephone wiring connection

All of these methods follow the Australian Electrical Standards to abide by the law and avoid all kinds of electrical danger. 


Power quality refers to the condition of your electrical system’s voltage, current, and power. And it is essential to meet the requirements of good power quality to ensure that you are safe from all sorts of electrical hazards. 

However, how can you say for sure that you have met the requirements for a good power quality? Fortunately, Sydney Inner West Electrician performs the best methods that check the power quality in residential and commercial establishments. 

Our reliable and first-rate electricians can easily perform voltage readings, switchboard analysis, and general electrical inspection. And once we have identified some electrical issues that can harm the power quality of your system, we can solve them right away. 

We can do electrical installations, repairs, upgrades, and inspection affordably and superbly. Our emergency electricians are always on standby 24/7! So don’t hesitate to call us at (02) 8378 2829 or book an appointment here

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