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Phone Electrician Inner West

Do you face frequent or intermittent problems with your telephone and data lines? If you are living or own a business in Inner West Sydney, you are lucky to have Electrician Inner West that can easily get down to business of fixing even the most difficult electrical problem with your phone and data connections.

Australia has some of the oldest telephone lines using copper wires that are already obsolete. If you have this kind of telephone setup, you will absolutely encounter phone line issues every now and then. Electrician Inner West has a perfect solution for any problems relating to cabling issues. If the network side (telephone provider) is all okay, we can help diagnose the fault in the wirings, phone, cabling, phone sockets and filters. We can also verify the connection from your unit to the MDF. This works whether you are having problems with your home phone line or commercial line.

If your landline is not working, here are some possible causes:

  • Corrosion of phone sockets
  • Faulty telephone wiring
  • Old phone points

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Data Electrician Inner West

We, at Electrician Inner West, are not only basic technicians. We also have the ability to provide installation and repair jobs of data lines. We work with the best ISP in Sydney in provisioning of phone and data lines, and ensure that connectivity is established. Our skilled team of telephone and network technicians is always prepared to work on urgent connection requests for residential and commercial.

Electrician Inner West provides any type of cabling and wiring services which include:

Fault detection and repair of noisy lines

We have tremendous team of advanced technicians that can perform FDI (Fault Detection and Isolation) to test faults in your telephone to find where and which part of your connection causes the noise and we will fix it.

ADSL connection for home extension

Extending your ADSL connection within your home requires additional cabling works. If you are not up to wireless signals and want to get your connection up to another room by hard wired connection, Electrician Inner West can install longer ethernet cable. We can also install another phone socket near the room to avoid connecting longer cables that may run inside your house.

Central filter installation

Central filters are often referred to ADSL splitters as well. It splits telephone and data signals from the main telephone line. Your Electrician Inner West can install central filters/splitters in home and office ADSL lines. Depending on the condition of your wirings, we may or may not need to change your cables. If you already have an old cabling, this can be the case.

MDF Jumpering

Electrician Inner West can take care of your new telephone or internet connection for your commercial building or if you just applied for your new home connection. Simply contact us and we will work on the B side connection within the MDF once your service provider finished the A side setup. We can work with your ISP so you are left with nothing to do but to confirm the quality work we do.

Underground and aerial cabling

Our team is very competitive on both underground and aerial cabling works. We have worked on several domestic and commercial projects throughout the Inner West region. For aerial cabling, we use reliable aerial lifts to install cables and on poles. As for underground cabling, we are always careful not to excavate areas that already have cables running through for new installations. We also use quality ground drills that works perfectly and not damaging any utility within a residential and business properties.

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