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Has your power went off suddenly? Or your lights exploded just out of nowhere? Electrician Inner West can check if the electrical system at your home or office is already congested or a high amount of voltage is traversing your electrical circuits. Why are these an emergency?

Congested electrical system means that you already have a lot of electrical appliances and equipment that your power supply and switchboard can no longer support. Thus, most of your appliances are running using minimal electricity which can damage them. In rather worst cases, your power shuts down by means of circuit breakers to prevent further damage to your electrical systems. The urgency of an emergency check from a trusted electrician is to answer your question if it is safe to turn your power back on.

Electrician Inner West can also determine the reason why your lighting fixtures keep on exploding or flickering with cracking sounds. Our emergency lighting technicians can check if your wirings and circuits are already worn out. A circuit overload is likely a cause but to be sure, you can have the convenience of calling our friendly number to check it for you instead of finding it for yourself when you do not have the right expertise to do so.

Above are just some of the common emergency scenarios that you have to watch out and the signal to call Electrician Inner West. However, below are additional points you have to know possible occurrence of electrical emergency and what to do with it.

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Some services we specialise in

Household Electrical Emergency

Electrical emergencies mostly happen at homes. Since preventive electrical maintenance is less likely in residential setting, home electrical systems can wear over a period of time. Once your wirings and cables worn out, you will be faced with number of electrical issues which can lead to a bigger problem. Electrician Inner West unfailingly provides quick service for any electrical emergency. If you noticed multiple electrical issues at a certain period of time, you may be having a major electrical and an emergency check and repair works needs to be done.

Make sure you are keen to notice the following possible household electrical emergencies:

  • Flickering lights
  • Smell of burnt wire
  • Power loss
  • Grounded appliances and power points
  • Electrical sparks

Commercial Electrical Emergency

Inner West Sydney commercial and corporate businesses count on electricity to carry their day-to-day operations. They cannot afford to have an electricity downtime as it will heavily affect their business. This is why Electrician Inner West has made our emergency services handy for every business owner within the region. You can put your worries to rest when an electrical emergency arises. We will reach you in an hour or less and restore your power so you can get back to business right away.

If you own an old building, it is certain that you already have an old electrical system that has worn out cables and exposed wires due to wear and tear condition. Electrician Inner West sees all old electrical systems as an emergency in the making. If not properly maintained or have not have a regular maintenance schedule, our team can conduct a series of emergency checks to find out if you need to upgrade your electrical components such as switchboard, fuse boxes, cables and more.

With Electrician Inner West, you will not wait desperately for hours before you get the help you need. As your local electricians, we only operate within the suburbs of Inner West Sydney, so you can be confident that we will get to you right away once you call us.

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