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Electrician Inner West offers a complete lighting service and bespoke lighting solutions that will suit your home and business needs.

Has your lighting systems failed you many times? On ordinary days, it might be acceptable, but if the lighting problem falls on a wedding day, it is a totally disaster! A Electrician Inner West can prevent such incident from happening. With our ace lighting service all over Sutherland Shire, you will enjoy your lighting system to the maximum.

Our Lighting Services

Lighting Design

The kind of lighting design that Electrician Inner West brings to its customers is the one that stands-out, blends, and effectively illuminates every area with sufficient light without overpowering. Our interior and exterior lighting design is engineered to perfectly address each residential and commercial lighting needs.

Lighting Installation

Every lighting installation that Electrician Inner West performs has a promise to bring a stable and long-lasting lighting performance for your home. Even when it comes to your business, we work on light fittings as if it is our business as well. That is how we care about our customers and the things they value the most.

We can handle almost all types of lighting installation even chandelier installation. We ensure that all sockets are installed properly and all switches work as intended including dimmers and timers.

Lighting Repairs

Faulty wirings and flickering lights? Your Electrician Inner West can help repair any abnormal functioning of your lighting system. We can identify any faults and fix the problem right on the spot. We have repair tools and testers to finish any repair work at first visit.

For any home lighting repairs, Electrician Inner West can professionally fix any problems with fixtures, switches, and wirings. We recommend calling us even if the problem seems too small to ignore as this can lead to potential electrical emergency. We will replace blown fuses and bulbs so your lighting system can work efficiently and give you the mood you like for your home sections.

Lighting Maintenance

Electrician Inner West has the ability to perform rigid lighting inspections and maintenance. We have the capacity to perform fault finding and pinpoint the faulty areas of your lighting system. During maintenance checks, all broken bulbs are replaced with new ones that are from quality brands. All damaged wirings are rewired and every socket, switches and power mains are tested to be free from any short circuit.

Outdoor lighting maintenance is not a challenge with Electrician Inner West. We can perform checks in any type of weather. We can maintain good lighting condition for your garden and landscape lighting, street and fence lighting, and banners and signs for your business.

Should you need to upgrade your lighting system to newer and latest fixtures for decorative or functional purposes, Electrician Inner West can recommend the best lighting fixtures for you to use. We only offer low-voltage lighting and LED lights that produces cool light to help our customers reduce their energy consumption especially those that run a 24/7 business.

All lighting upgrades will be discussed with you so you know how your lighting system works. We will present to you the best upgrade solutions based upon our evaluation of your lighting. You can decide later on if you find it beneficial for you and we will only start the upgrade work at your go signal.

At Electrician Inner West, you can take advantage of our lighting expertise. From home lighting, chandelier installation, outdoor lighting to commercial lighting such as emergency exit lighting and outdoor security lighting, you can count on our reliable technicians.

Call Electrician Inner West for full consultation regarding our lighting services.

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