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Guide to Electric Meter Box

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An electric meter box is one of the most basic things you can find in your home. It’s part of the electrical system that provides electricity in your property. As a result, you should at least know the most fundamental things about it.

If you need more help, electricians like Sydney Inner West Electrician is available. They can work your meter box. The electric meter box contains the reading meter that monitors your power consumption. Keep it as safe as possible.

Function of an electric meter box 

An electric meter box is an enclosure box that you can find in the property. It contains and protects the electric reading meter: a device that monitors your electric consumption. It is usually made with thick material. The enclosure should withstand different weathering conditions and potential damages. Strong electric meter boxes protect the reading meter inside. 

Different kinds of electric meter box 

There are various materials that manufacturers nowadays use to construct these boxes. Some materials are more suited to different locations. Moreover, different producers of enclosures make various enclosures available for different reading meters. Depending on where your home is, the setting itself contributes to the durability of the box. 

For indoor settings, almost any material is suitable for electric meter boxes. Ensure that there aren’t gas or chemical contaminants around the area. These can damage the material of the box over time.

  • High-grade transparent polycarbonate 
  • Glass-reinforced plastic
  • Other metal and metal alloys that can keep the electric reading meter safe

For outdoor settings, the material of the box plays a big part in its durability. Different materials have varying advantages. Moreover, the coating adds an extra protective factor for the electric meter box. There are also many options available in the market. You can choose what suits your location. 

  • 316 stainless steel for non-costal outdoor (high salt accumulation) electric meter boxes
  • Aluminium with corrosion-resistance powder coating for coastal areas with high salt accumulation

Location of electric meter box

You can usually find the electric meter box near the powerline or in inconvenient places. The electric reading meter is a responsibility of the power provider. The electric meter box is your responsibility. You can always change the meter box as you see fit. An upgrade or replacement is necessary if damages are becoming more evident. If you want to move your electric meter box along the reading meter, you need to contact your power provider. 

Replacement and installation

Electric meter boxes are prone to corrosion and wearing out. Especially for boxes that are in outside settings. Always check the electric meter box in your place. Make sure it’s still in good condition. Otherwise, your electric reading meter might get damaged too. 

Like any aspect of your home, you may need to decide on things related to your electric meter box. There are factors you’ll need to consider in choosing your electric meter. Choose an electric meter box that is easy to install. Surface-mounted boxes that are available from different retailers. Also, take in mind the durability and strength of the material. Think of the suitability of the meter box with the reading meter. The electric meter box should work well with your current electric meter.

You’ll still need professional help and experience to handle the electric meter box. If you plan to replace or switch to another box, contact your local electrician to help you in doing so. You are dealing with power-related concerns. Your safety should still be the priority, more than the box or the reading meter. Sydney Inner West Electrician can do the job for you. 


Maintaining your electric meter box is a regular responsibility for you as a homeowner. In the times where you need replacement or installation, you’ll need experts. Electric meter box installations are still a sensitive task that requires expertise. Sydney Inner West Electrician has been around giving exceptional electrical works. We are available in Inner West Sydney. With more than 10 years of experience, we have Level 2 electricians that you can always count on. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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