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Common Electrical Emergencies in Your Home

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In the pinnacle of your very own comfort spaces, safety is king. You wouldn’t feel as homey and as comfortable at your homes if you didn’t feel the most secure and protected inside.

As such, making your homes the most guarded should be a tick in your lists of non-negotiables in building your very own places. However, as much as you want to have a hundred percent protection, accidents do happen. It isn’t always your fault. It’s usually an uncontrollable factor.

One of the many causes of accidents and injury that could happen to your homes can come from electrical emergencies. In this age of modernisation and automation, most homes happen to have as many electrical appliances, making life easier and simpler. This is a list of common electrical emergencies that can happen in your homes:


Electric Shocks

Having electricity around means you have a lot of charged energy around that can come from your appliances and gadgets. Sometimes, you accidentally touch the plugs of one of your devices. For example, picture this: you unplug the adaptor of your mobile phone’s charger. You accidentally touch the metal part of the charger that is used as a plug to a power outlet. The moment you do, you feel a burst of quick sharp pain that can run to your fingers.

This is the most common experience of electrical emergency that can result from electric shocks. Best to avoid this by not unplugging appliances when your hands are wet or not using towels or cloth but not your hands, when unplugging adaptors.


Power Outage

Sometimes, your homes might experience a lack of electricity. For most homes that rely heavily on electricity to work, this is a big problem. Most of you might probably think that it’s your power company’s mishap or maybe you thought there was a scheduled blackout that you didn’t hear about. For many cases, it may be your electrical system’s fault. 
Power outages may have been caused by other faults in your home. Make sure to check your wirings, breakers, or even the gadgets you have.


Circuit Overload

Circuit overload happens when too much electricity is drawn and circuits can’t contain them anymore. Circuits have a limit of currency that can run through them. This can happen because too many appliances and gadgets are plugged in. There is a need to have more electricity than what your circuit can handle. When this happens, overheating might happen which can cause a fire.

Make sure to unplug devices that aren’t in need of electricity and constantly check on your circuits at home. The less plugged devices you have in your outlets, the better and safer it is for you and your homes.


Short Circuit

Short circuits happen when live wires touch neutral wires.  Short circuits can cause instability to a power system as electricity runs around causes low resistance and damage to insulations of wires. This can cause sparks and explosion. Worse, it can cause unexpected fires that resulted from overheating.

Avoid using multi-plug sockets. Also double-check your devices and appliances to make sure that they’re in good condition. Another thing you can do is install fuses to prevent emergencies and sudden explosions.


Increased Electric Bills

For many, this may be very subtle. However, an increase in electricity means that your power systems might be turning very inefficient or your gadgets are drawing up more power to function at the same level. An increase in electric bills means that either your electrical system is getting old or your gadgets are already catching up with their ages. As such, an increase in electricity means an increase in expenses.

For this, deliberate and decide. It’s up to you to have your gadgets replaced or have your electrical systems checked by experts.



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