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Why You Need Level 2 Electrician to Handle Consumer Main Installation

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Electricity powers many operating devices and appliances. As more technological tools come out to meet the more demanding world, different households and establishments need more electricity. The best way to secure a reasonable and ample amount of electricity is to focus on consumer main installation.

The consumer mains are part of an electrical installation such as the conductors between the connection point and the main service equipment enclosure and form. It is also called supply cables located in the main switchboard that provides power to the building. The consumer main may be overhead, underground or within a structure.

There are instances when the consumer main is too old and defective. Aside from that, your current consumer main might not support the higher electricity demand of the workspace and households. And no other professional can handle this than Level 2 electricians.

Considerably, level 2 electricians are legally required to install and repair all works with the mains connection. They have more training and certifications compared to regular electricians. Also, tapping regular electricians for the sake of cheaper pricing is illegal, and surely you don’t want to get involved with it.

Following the NSW service and installation rules, here are the reasons why level 2 electricians are the best people to handle consumer main installation.

Accredited for the Job

The work with consumer main installation needs to comply with the electricity distributor’s requirements. Level 2 electricians are suitably trained and qualified for this type of work. Also, the electricity distributor only authorised level 2 electricians to perform connections to the distribution system.

Among the three levels of accreditation, level 2 electrician permits the installation and connection of contestable customer connection work between the point of coupling (PCC) and connection points at the main switch. Simplified, they are the qualified people to connect your main switchboard to the nearest location of the electrical distribution system.

Provides Authorised Works

Aside from meeting the requirements, the government authorises level 2 electricians to connect your service to the electrical network. They can also provide you with different works needed when installing your main switchboard.

Connection to Supply

When the consumer main gets old or damaged, it could be a hassle in connecting it to the power supply. Level 2 electricians can provide connection services to your premises when this happens. They are authorised to the connection of your main switchboard and see the problems in the consumer main.

Disconnecting and Reconnecting

Fuses can explode when there is a problem with supply capacity. When this happens, it can stop your electricity supply and affects everything. Level 2 electricians need to disconnect the main switchboard to remove these fuses immediately and reconnect it.

Due to the danger of the old consumer main, you might receive an electrical defect notice. When this occurs, the electrical distributor might plan to disconnect or refuse to connect you from the service. But level 2 electricians can help you with any defects to avoid dangerous situations.

Installation of Consumer Main

Level 2 electrician can choose two methods in installing the consumer main cable. First, if you have a private pole, the wires are attached through underground measures or at the street light in front of your place. Second is connecting the cables in the roof cavity where the main overhead cables are located.

The installation process requires a safety protocol. Level 2 electricians need completion of any safety and compliance test before installing your consumer main. They have the training to assure that installing the consumer main won’t do any harm to your family or anyone in your area. 

These electricians ensure that any damage to items won’t impair the safety and satisfactory operation of the installation. For example, the live parts of the installation remain insulated. The live parts are protected against contact with any person in your home or establishment.

Main Upgrades

The increasing demand for your household to the electricity needs power upgrades to allow higher usage levels. This work needs level 2 electricians as it involves changing the wiring system and requires special tools.

Also, upgrading your old switchboard can help you avoid a house fire. Installing your switchboard properly helps to keep your family and home safe.

Safety Management

The electricity distributors have a safety management system covering bush-fire prone areas relating to electric lines. Aside from installing the consumer main, level 2 electricians can help you fix defective installations. When you avoid defective main switchboard, it will help you prevent not just house fire but bush fire as well.


The operation doesn’t end with the installation of consumer main. Inspection of the switchboard before and after is critical. The inspection includes assessment and observation of any defect. When inspection found any problem or errors, the electricity distributor might take immediate disconnection.

The electrical disconnection of your household is not good news. This is why level 2 electricians play a crucial part in problems and disconnection. Level 2 electricians can do an emergency repair to avoid further defect and danger to anyone in your home.

Advice to Customers

The best thing level 2 electricians can give to you is their expert advice. Given with training, certification and experience, these electricians can provide the best idea and tips on keeping your main switchboard far from any damage. 

Also, they can give you advice on the conditions and terms before any installation happens. Most importantly, they can provide you with information before spending money and entering into any contract.


Following on what is required and legal on consumer main installation can help you in the long run. Level 2 electricians can provide the services on installing your main switchboard. They can expertly and legally finish things that will help you avoid accidents, injuries and a house fire.

Seeking level 2 electricians in handling consumer main installation is also the best option. The safety and comfort of your household are in the hands of these professionals. You can trust these experts when it comes to handling your main installation.

Sydney Inner West Electricians is here to help you with consumer main installation. Our team consists of trusted level 2 electricians that can efficiently handle any connection and installation of electrical works.

You can call us at (02) 8378 2829 with reliable level 2 electricians giving you a free quote today. We can make sure that everything is done efficiently so everyone can live safely and comfortably.

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