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Top Lighting Design Trends for 2020

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Designing your homes should always be in ease. Your home is a reflection of your own style and the simple methods that make you function in your every day. As such, all aspects of home design should never be overlooked.

The design and fixtures in your home hugely affect the comfort you’re going to experience. From your flooring layouts to the light beige shade of your upstairs bathroom wall, styling your places comes directly from you.

One aspect of designing is taking lighting fixtures into consideration. A lot of comfort comes from the lighting your home provides. There are plenty of ways to style your lighting setup, however, some tips might be useful for you. These are the lighting design trends currently in style to many who are about to embark on a journey of composing their homes.

Retro Themes

Truthfully, the basis of lighting designs now are always rooted in a past that is nearer and as such, retro and vintage themes are still very in at the moment. The twentieth century championed designs that were advanced in technology. Colourful chandeliers and big lamps were in all shapes and sizes. Olden streetlamps and gold candelabra designs were aesthetic. Having different coloured cut out fixtures was trendy. The distinct vibrant vibe is stylish.

Simple Lights

Of course, everybody knows the saying, simplicity is key. You may be among the many who still stick to simple lighting layouts for their homes. The most known and widely loved dotted ceiling lights are still as coveted as ever. They are extremely simple and can be integrated into most home designs. These simple shapes of light tailored to your ceilings definitely spell out a lot of purity to your locations. White and subtle coloured lights are also favoured. As they say, simplicity is beauty.

LED Lights

Having a pop of fun here and there doesn’t hurt a bit. This is definitely what LED lights do. Many home designers have injected this lighting design to introduce a burst of colour and life in serene homes. Coupled to that, LED lights are also prefered because they don’t waste as much energy to heat the same way as light bulbs do. Efficient light sources that come in all size and packages can definitely bring about the personality of your new homes. Explore them.

Minimalist Approach

Minimal design is also very in trend right now. The whole point of doing a clean approach in your home’s lighting is to keep things that are essential but still pleasing to your eyes. Minimalist approaches in lighting design give uncomplicated fixtures that look and function the way you perceive them to be. From plain coloured tall lamps up to single shaped fixtures, the minimalist trend may look too simple, but don’t underestimate the amount of life it brings to your house.

Natural Materials

Using natural materials for lighting fixtures is also very in season. Lighting fixture designs integrated with natural elements add a very exotic and outdoor like vibe to your homes, which is why it is very trendy nowadays. Making your home feel like the outdoors makes it very much open, fresh, and not very isolated. Some materials used for these lighting fixtures include wood, leaves, and other things found in nature. Who knew trunks that emit light would look so cool.

Smart Lights

With the integration of your life with technology, it’s not a surprise that it isn’t only your phones that can get smart. One aspect of your smart home is the incorporation of smart lights. That’s right. These smart lights are controllable via gadgets like your phones of house managers. Using these gadgets, you can now dim, brighten, or turn and off light bulbs and light sources in your homes. Make your homes more energy saving with smart lights around.


Your home is as important as you are. Designing it comes with all the meticulous details and work and as such, lighting matters involve lighting experts. You need people who can handle the lighting aspect of your homes with ease backed with many experiences in the field. Worry no more about lighting, Sydney Inner West Electrician is there for your needs.

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