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Switchboard Upgrades

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    Switchboard Upgrades

    Inner West Electrician suggests switchboard upgrades to ensure safety in your homes as technologies continue to advance.    

    As we become more dependent on electricity for our everyday activities, technologies, which ease our way of living, keep on developing for us. We use dishwashers instead of the faucets, we take lifts instead of stairs, and we read the news on mobile devices instead of newspapers. 

    These are only some conveniences we enjoy at this age. But as we incline more on this track, we also demand more power for our needs, and our circuits only have limited electric capacity. 

    When we overuse our outlets, a switchboard or a fuse box is designed to help us. It regulates the electric flow and, at the same time, acts as a safety measure against overloading.   

    Through Inner West Electrician services, worry less about your switchboard upgrades. We make sure to check and make necessary repairs on your broken service panel to protect you from potential hazards it can cause in the future. 

    Our honest and friendly Level 2 Electricians will guarantee fast and quality work so you can return and enjoy your day-to-day routines immediately.

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    Technological innovations demand more power generation to offer you more convenient options.

    When to Upgrade Switchboards? 

    • If your switchboards are installed for more than 10 years.
    • If your switchboards contain ceramic fuses and aluminium wiring.
    • If your circuit breakers trip after turning on the air conditioner or electric stove.
    • If your lights are flickering, every time you turn them on.
    • If short circuits happen frequently.

    When you encounter one of these signs, don’t hesitate to call Inner West Electricians. We can assure you to take action as fast as possible.

    Switchboard Upgrades: The Right Time is Now!

    The primary purpose of switchboards is to supply your appliances and devices with power. Moreover, one of its vital roles is to protect your circuit from failing. It contains the circuit breakers or fuses that protect your connection from overloading. 

    This usually happens if you use all appliances simultaneously or you don’t have a dedicated circuit for your high-powered devices. So, as a rule of thumb, don’t upgrade your air conditioner or heating system when you don’t plan to upgrade your circuit. 

    Inner West Electrician Switchboard Upgrade Services

    Don’t let your switchboard show burn marks before you realise that it is already too late! Inner West Electrician offers switchboard upgrades through the following services:

    • Replace your ceramic fuses and outdated wiring.
    • Update your main cables, which are connected to utility poles.
    • Install your new circuit breakers and safety switches.
    • Build a larger enclosure to cater more switches, breakers, and wires. 
    • Update your main earth neutral (MEN) system to follow regulations on grounding. 
    • Relocate your unit to a safer space.
    • Install residual current device (RCD), a safety measure to protect you from electrical shock, in case of contact with live wires. 

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