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Simple Steps in Wiring a Phone Socket

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If you have or ever had a telephone inside your house, chances are you have a square or rectangle-shaped wall socket nearby.

This socket is for your telephone line and the network provider you have. It is usually white or cream in colour. Sometimes, they are near outlet plugs in your wall. Telephones and phone sockets go hand in hand in most homes.

Electric service providers offer service for telephone connections. Some of their services include the maintenance of these things inside your home. Certified electricians from Sydney Inner West Electrician can do that for you. They can attend to your landline and connection concerns. Our Level 2 electricians are one click away from fixing your connection issues at home.

If you want to add some simple extensions for your telephone, you can do so. There are simple steps you can do to wire a phone socket at home. This comes handy to you if ever you want to extend your phone lines. You can also do this if you want to transfer your telephone to a different part of the house. If ever you decide to add more plugs in other areas, you’ll need new phone sockets to do this. 

Plan things ahead

Before you mount anything to any wall, plan the task at hand. Mounting in phone sockets needs meticulous layout since it involves cables and wires. Determine which part of the house or area you want to put a phone socket into. Prepare the tools you need in place. You’ll need a cable cutter or utility knife and screwdriver.

Find a good location for the phone socket

Pick a good spot for your phone socket. Make sure it’s accessible enough for the telephones in the area. It would be better if you install and wire the phone socket in a more common area inside your home. Plan the position of the phone socket well. If you have an excavation from the wall that fits the phone socket, prepare it beforehand. 

Trace the cable around

Trace the cable from the mainline towards the area where you want to install the phone socket. Using your cable cutter or utility knife, cut open the cable coat or the cable cover at the end of the line. Strip the wire cover down. There should be four colour wires inside the cable. For most Australian residences, the colours are green, red, black and yellow.  

Pull these wires away from each other. This should separate the cable into four different coloured wires at its end. Get the cable cutter. Strip the excess plastic cover from each colour. This reveals the copper metal wire that’s inside each colour wire.

Wire the socket

Now, get back to the new phone socket you have. Lift open the socket. There should be a partition or a flush mount in the phone socket. Now that you’re inside the socket, there should be four screws that serve as colour posts for the wiring codes. Match the colour codes from the end of the cable you recently traced. 

For most homes, you need only connect the green one to the green screw post. Do the same for the red wire to the red screw post. Wrap the copper wire for each corresponding colour to its respective screw post. You can loosen the screw to wrap around the copper wire to the post. Cut any excess wire using the cable cutter to avoid sharp leftover edges. If you have a second line, connect the black one to the black screw post.

Test the phone socket

Put the phone socket in your desired location. Connect the telephone jack to the phone socket. Remember the dial tone for the socket and call the telephone connected to it. It should work fine if you were able to wire the copper endings well to their designated screw posts. 


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