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    Power Points and Switches Installation, Repairs, and Upgrades

    Sydney Inner West Electrician provides power points and switches installation, repairs, and upgrades suitable for your style and preference without sacrificing your safety from electrical hazards. 

    One thing to consider when moving to a house is the electrical connections. Power points and switches are primary electrical devices installed in your home prior to your transfer. It is essential to check them as they can be faulty or outdated, which expose you and your family to potential harms. 

    Prioritise safety by asking our emergency electricians regarding your home’s installed power points and switches so you can live harmoniously. 

    Power Points: Reach. Safe. Adapt  

    Power Point Installation 

    No need to worry anymore about the out-of-reach outlets and the hideous wires of extension cords from your homes and offices because we at Sydney Inner West Electrician got you covered! We install power outlets in vital spots so you could stop relying on those dangerous power cords anymore. 

    Avoid overloading by acquiring our services to create dedicated circuits for your high-powered appliances. We guarantee service-oriented and quality work that you will surely not complain about.      

    Power Point Repairs

    Have you been experiencing loose outlet connections? Faulty outlet wiring has been one of the leading causes of electrical accidents in Australia. At Sydney Inner West Electrician, your safety is our concern too. We do repairs to ensure your outlets stay fixed in the walls and no wires are out, so you can prevent shock and burns from contact to live wires.

    Power Point Upgrades

    Does your house only have two-pronged outlets? Sydney Inner West Electrician will upgrade your power points to three-pronged outlets for grounding to protect your gadgets and appliances from excess current.

    Moreover, adapt to modern technology as it shifts to USB-dependent devices. We can install USB outlets that will get rid of using adaptors. You can directly connect your mobile device, tablets, and power banks from the power source without a hassle. 

    Switch: Click and Go Wireless

    Switch Installation 

    If you are planning to remodel your house, then don’t hesitate to call Sydney Inner West Electrician for switch installation. We set-up switches in your indoor and outdoor light fixtures, so you can enjoy the ambience of your home on your night-time relaxation routines. 

    Switch Repairs

    In case you see burn marks on your switches, it indicates a faulty wire. Call us, so we can pinpoint the exact problem on your wiring and repair your switches to avoid further damage in your connection.  

    Switch Upgrade

    It is not about being lazy, but it is about being efficient. Upgrade your switch to wireless by the help of Sydney Inner West Electrician. You can now avoid walking back and forth to turn the switch. Maximise your time doing essential things through an automated wireless switch that controls your lighting and appliances. 

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    Your safety comes first! We at Inner West Electrician offer power points and switch installation, repairs, and upgrade to protect you, your family, and your properties from hazards. Call us now at (02) 8378 2829 or book your appointment on our website

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