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The Main Types of Electric Meters

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Every day, people use electricity to power up things anywhere. Your home may use as much electricity and have no idea how much power you draw to light up your spaces.

This is where electric meters come in. Electric Meters play a huge part in your home life. It monitors the power consumption in your house. Although, power providers are responsible for electric meters. It is not necessary that all properties have the same electric meters. 

There are different kinds of electric meters everywhere. Some types are suitable for homes. Other types are more made for business settings and industrial setups. Either way, Sydney Inner West Electrician offers electricity meter installation. Moreover, they can install different types of electric meters. There are meters you may be familiar with and others that you haven’t heard of.

Standard meter

The most common type of electric meter is the standard electric meter. It is the reading meter usually installed by power companies to residential settings. They appear as circles or squares with transparent glass front covers. The meter displays the reading consumption via blocks or boxes that show a number. Read the meter from left to right and disregard the red numbers that a separate block shows. Subtract the previous reading from your new one to get consumption. 

Dial meter

The dial meter is like the standard meter. It is a more analog or manual version of it. Dial meters appear with circles that have dials which state the numbers. You’ll need to look at the numbers that the dials are pointing at. Read the dials from left to right. Disregard the red dial usually at the rightmost part or in the end. Don’t forget to get the difference to know the energy consumption you had.

Digital meter

The digital meter is an electric meter that displays the power consumption via an LCD screen. Although it’s the easiest to read, there’s another step for this kind of meter. You’ll need to subtract the reading that is currently on display from a previous reading. Find the difference between the two readings. This indicates the power consumption you have from the time of the first reading. Don’t forget to log the initial reading every month so you can compute the energy consumption.

Smart meter

As the name suggests, a smart meter gives the smart reading of your electricity. This meter works with other smart home management appliances too. Smart meters are usually smart devices integrated with other gadgets. These gadgets monitor the electricity in your home. It’s usually in a smart tablet or pad. It displays and analyses your energy consumption. You can have a clear breakdown and estimate of where the power goes. 

Interval meter

Interval meters work in intervals. These electric meters send energy reading to a computer system. The software records the electricity every 30 minutes. In this way, it’s easier to track which parts of the day produce energy surges. The advantage of an interval meter comes with the tariff rates. Power providers can charge low rates at low-peak times. On the downside, they can charge high at high-peak times.


A good electric meter reads your power consumption efficiently. Maintain your electric meters well. A malfunctioning meter can affect your electricity bill. Keep your meter safe and contact experts that can check on it from time to time. 

Sydney Inner West Electrician offers electricity reading equipment installations for various settings. We have more than a decade of experience. We can help you with the installation of electric reading meter devices for your location. Here at Sydney Inner West Electrician, we have Level 2 electricians. Our team can provide you with expert advice for the best conditions for your power system at home. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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