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Do Level 2 Electricians Perform Phone Line Installation?

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There are different kinds and levels of electrical work. This is why there are also different people, a.k.a your local electricians, that are responsible for attending to your electrical needs.

These people you call to fix your power lines, install lighting fixtures or even put in phone lines, undergo training for the job. They are licensed and certified by your local councils to do these jobs. Their primary goal is to take care of electrical concerns. 

As such, the level of expertise by your local electricians guarantee their performance. You need to make sure that your home is in safe and experienced hands, where your electrical systems are concerned. After all, power can cause a lot of things. It is only right that the hands that deal with it knows exactly what to do and puts your best interest forward. Certain tasks like phone line installations require work to function properly.

The question is, can Level 2 electricians perform installations of these phone lines for you? The answer is YES. However, you’ll need people that can do the job well and make sure that your phone lines are in the best condition post-instalment. 

This is where Sydney Inner West Electrician comes in. We offer only the best Level 2 electricians for your phone lines. What exactly can we do for you with regard to your phone line?


Your phone lines might be acting up for a defective reason. Phone lines are usually affected by old points of connection or faulty wiring. Our Level 2 electricians can do the detection for your phone lines. You’ll know afterwards the real cause and fault of your malfunctioning connection. All it needs is repairing or upgrading after.


You might want to widen and extend the scope of your cables. We can do the ADSL extension for you and install additional cables in your home. Ethernet wiring need not be limited only to certain points. We can extend these for you and make sure you get the coverage you need. 


Splitting your data and telephone line separately requires the ADSL splitting. Our team can install central filters to split these lines. Central filters can now do the job of keeping your telephone and data signals separate from each other. Moreover, we can give seasoned advice as to whether or not you need to upgrade your cables to have better phone line connection. 


Did you move to a new property? We’re pretty sure that the most important thing to have immediately is an internet connection. After all, moving around might stop some routines for you, however, work doesn’t stop. We can do the MDF jumping for you once your service provider has attended to the initial setup of your telephone or internet connection. You’ll get the telephone or internet connection you need soon enough. 


Underground cables or aerial cables are pertinent in making sure that electrical connections in your area stay as safe as possible. Planning cabling projects are crucial in making sure that no existing lines will be vulnerable. Our Level 2 electricians can do that for you and make sure your phone lines are up and running in no time.


For your home, only proper professionals should handle anything related to your power systems. Level 2 electricians are certified and authorised to handle phone line installations. Our team has seasoned experience in making sure that phone liens from everywhere get the proper work it should get. Never compromise the safety of your phone line. More importantly, never compromised the safety of your home.

Sydney Inner West Electricians are the Level 2 electricians you never knew you need. As much as phone lines are trivial to do, they implore certain complications and technicalities that only Level 2 electricians can handle. As such,  our team of electricians can do the job for you. All you need to do is wait for the installation to finish. For your phone line connection needs, don’t hesitate to contact us! We have just the right people for you.

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