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How Often Should You Perform Maintenance of Your Electrical System

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Performing a maintenance check for your home is crucial in keeping your own private spaces as safe and as protected as possible.

In all aspects of your home, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your house is well-kept and as optimal for you as possible. This adds to the extra layer of safety you can have for you and your loved ones. One aspect that you should really check on constantly is your electrical system.

Your electrical system at home is one of the major things to always check on since most of your things at home rely on electricity to function. As such, many injuries or accidents can happen which can be prevented via maintenance checks of your electrical systems. One faulty wire could cause accidents to you and your family. Gradual damage to your appliances and electrical installations could happen if you don’t constantly inspect on them.

However, the real question is, how often should you really check your electrical system at home? Doing it too often might be too time-consuming and costly for you and doing it too less might result in accidents and unexpected scenarios. Electrical installations also depreciate in time as a result of constant usage and age. You wouldn’t want to compromise your safety inside your homes with one very old lightbulb that has overheated.

The common suggested rule and time frame is checking your electrical systems every 3 to 5 years. For older properties, especially those that are older than 25 years, the frequency of electrical inspections should be more often. Make sure to perform an electrical system maintenance check annually to see if your electrical system is still safe and efficient for use.

In your regular inspections, these are what your electricians should check:

Power outlets

Your power outlets may have a buildup of moisture inside over time. Checking them is more urgent after a calamity like storms where power outlets especially the ones that are in lower parts of your homes might have been flooded with rainwater. This can cause electric shocks, changes in electrical grounding and property damage. Not to mention, you always use your power outlets. As a maintenance measure, they should be constantly in check.

Electrical wirings

Your electrical wirings might not be properly labelled or might have deteriorated over time. If your property is old, it might’ve used materials and components that are no longer considered safe for wirings. This should be especially done in older properties where the materials and guidelines for wiring might have changed over time. Checking and replacing your electrical wirings is essential to make sure that accidents caused by electricity don’t happen.


As a device that distributes electricity, switchboards should be crucially checked. Usually, problems in households start with breakdowns in switchboards. As a device that distributes and controls electricity, switchboards have the tendency to be a source of electrical malfunction at home. If an upgrade is essential, it is to prevent future unwarranted electric shocks, degrading of circuits, and unwanted excessive electric consumption for your house’s electrical needs.


As a prevention for emergency and further electrical system damage, a fusebox should also be checked to make sure that they are still functional. When there are issues with your fusebox, there might be some disruption in electricity for some appliances. They might also blow without reason from time to time. Fuseboxes prevent too much current from going through and checking them from time to time guarantees that your homes are a step higher in safety than it usually is.

Loose connections

Having loose connections between your devices is one of the ways that accidents can happen. Loose connections cause sparks between equipment that can result in fires. It can also cause overheating and insulation problems in your electrical systems. Loose connections in your devices can produce so much heat that can also affect surrounding wirings and your appliances too. A small loose connection can easily turn into an accident-prone situation at home.


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