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    Home Electrical Inspection

    Sydney Inner West Electrician assures your home’s safety from hazards through a general electrical inspection of your wiring connections. 

    Have you frequently experienced electrical interruptions? If it is not caused by a power outage, then most likely your circuits are in danger. Just like how doctors check your health through a general medical check-up, your house should also be inspected by electricians at least once a year. 

    No, it is not just anxiousness. It is your way to secure your family and properties from the dangers that could come in your way.

    Now, don’t you worry as Sydney Inner West Electrician is here for you! We can check for wiring faults and hazards that general home inspectors cannot identify. Our accredited Level 2 electricians guarantee standard and first-rate service that will surely satisfy your needs. 

    When to do Home Electrical Inspection?

    • If your house stands for almost 30 years.
    • If you move to a new house. 
    • If your connection still uses aluminium and knob-and-tube wiring. 
    • If a storm damages your house.
    • If you remodel your house.
    • If you upgrade your lifestyle and install high-powered appliances and devices.

    Home Electrical Inspection: We Promise Your Safety

    Through Sydney Inner West Electrician Home Electrical Inspection, our electricians can determine the connection problems in your homes such as loose wires, improper installation of sockets, outdated lines, and many more.  A general checklist for our electrical inspectors may include:

    • Testing switchboard or fuse box connections
    • Validating the installed safety and security devices switch, circuit breakers, fuses, alarms.  
    • Assessing the quality of wiring materials.
    • Checking if your wiring system follows the Australian Electrical Standards
    • Inspecting indoor and outdoor lighting
    • Verifying grounding operation
    • Determining the appliances and devices that could harm the circuit
    • Calculating your electric load capacity
    • Identifying possible electrical hazards
    • Confirming the proper installation of other electric sources such as solar power
    • Ensuring proper connection to utility poles

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    The above mentioned services are just some duties Sydney Inner West Electricians can offer. On-site,  our team always makes sure to run a comprehensive inspection of your home electric connection. We ensure to leave no possible threats because your safety is our concern too.

    We always aim for your satisfaction, so don’t be afraid to ask us your queries regarding your home electrical inspection. Call us at (02) 8378 2829 or visit our website to book your appointment. 

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