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Do Commercial Spaces Need Whole Surge Protector?

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Industries and commercial spaces need electronic equipment to function. Owners invest a large amount of money, mainly on these devices to optimise business’ operations.

However, these automated machines may eventually breakdown without sufficient protection, especially against destructive electrical surges.

Furthermore, a lot of people enter and transact inside these commercial spaces. Hence, protecting their electrical system with surge protectors will ensure the safety and security of the equipment and people alike.

Surge protectors regulate the flow of electricity from power distribution units to residential and commercial areas. It detects over-voltage and re-routes it to the grounding path.

Moreover, surge protector contains metal oxide varistors (MOV) and gas discharge arrestors. It permits your equipment to continuously operate while redirecting excess power to grounding lines.

Your business’ operation mostly relies on your electronic equipment. Without the use of surge protectors, you’re placing all your expensive electronics at a higher risk.

Destructive Electrical Surges           

Power surges may damage your office equipment and interrupt your business’ operation, resulting in downtime and loss of income. Also, high levels of electrical surges may cause devastating situations like explosions, fires, even injuries and deaths.

Aside from that, a transient voltage can pass through any of your outlets, wirings, phone lines and cables. It can disrupt your communication and outside transactions. Also, the loss of relevant data stored in your computer can be caused by recurring electrical surges.

Damaging electrical surges can be caused by external lightning strikes, power outages, or the switched on of your large electrical load equipment. Power surges which usually occur daily, may not result in immediate damages. However, it can wear down your equipment over time.

Commercial Spaces Surge Protection

Using a whole-house surge protector will help a business establishment prevent the critical effects of a power surge. Its high sensitivity to transient waves and sudden bursts of current will protect essential equipment from damages. 

Furthermore, a surge protector can ensure productivity by maintaining electrical current across power points within the safe level. Besides, installing several surge protectors from the mains up to individual power points will add another layer of defence against lightning strikes and power outages.

Aside from external surges, you can also protect your devices from internal power surges using point-of-use surge protectors. These layers of electrical security are best complemented with a whole surge protector to further improve your electrical system’s safety.

Generally, whole house surge protectors are the go-to electrical safety equipment of most commercial spaces in the Sydney Inner West Suburbs. Not only are they effective against harmful surges, but they are also price effective and are ideal investments for any establishment.

Is Surge Protection Worth it?

Surge protectors primarily guard your equipment against the destructive effect of electrical surges. Therefore, using surge protectors will help your devices reach their maximum lifespan. Thus, giving you a cost-efficient benefit.

Furthermore, surge protectors practically improve the safety of your entire business operation by safeguarding, not just your equipment but also your clients and employees. It is also an effective way of reducing your business downtime, allowing your service activities to run smoothly.

Your investment on surge protection will pay off significantly in terms of your commercial equipment and the overall reliability of your electrical system. Also, protecting your clients, visitors, employees and especially your funding for the future.


Whole house surge protectors are devices that filter out transient surges to help your business operate competently. Moreover, the safety it brings can preserve and prolong the serviceable life of your equipment.

In other words, a whole house surge protection is a must for every commercial space. However, installing them yourself could expose you to severe electrical risks and injuries. Besides, setting up a surge protector requires a skilled and qualified level 2 electrician.

If you are planning to improve your electrical system’s safety by having surge protectors, you can always call Sydney Inner West Electrician for help.

We have Level 2 licensed electricians trained to perform highly specialised electrical installation services, such as surge protector installation, emergency electrical repairs and inspection. We guarantee a 100% satisfactory and excellent quality of service 24/7.

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