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DIY Phone Line Installation: 5 Things You Need to Know

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Do you want to save up a few bucks for certain things at home? Do you have a knack on discovering know-hows for your normal house affairs?

It takes a while to do things by yourself and as such, there are plenty of useful tips and tricks shared by many to help you in your everyday affairs. One such scenario you’ll probably need this is when you’re handling your phone lines at home. There are ways you can install it by yourself safely.

Moreover, knowing some more information about doing this can help you safely jumpstart in working your Phone Line installations. These are five things you need to know to make sure that your phone lines are up in place and you’re not sacrificing the important aspects like the protection and functionality it takes to keep them running:

  1. Double-checking your materials is necessary.

It’s always a necessary step to double-check your materials before beginning any job.  You wouldn’t want your phone lines to fall too short. You wouldn’t want any defects and mishaps in any of the phone jacks or terminals present. In order to make sure that you have enough wiring length to go through, plan your installation ahead. Know the locations of your telephones at home or the position of your routers. This will help you with your installation.

  1. Keep your place in good condition.

Another basic task to do is keeping your place in top-notch condition. This includes making sure that your home is free from any source that may make issues in your installation. Wipe your paths clean and make sure there aren’t any water sources near your wires. Clear out any pests or vermin if there are any. They don’t only destroy any of your phone lines, they pose a great threat to your electrical system.

  1. Label wire trails and cables for easy identification.

Label your wires and cables or any crucial installation matters in your phone lines. This makes up for difficult identification if your home has complicated electrical systems installed in. It’s always a good move to make wiring and lines more identifiable. This will make your life easier if there are needs for repairs and reconstructions or if there are people who will come in to make some changes in your lines. Avoid any mistakes by putting labels where it matters. 

  1. There are colour codes for phone line wires.

Just like electrical wiring and cables anywhere, phone lines have colour codes too. It’s important to follow this for your phone lines to work well. Phone lines mostly work in pairs.  These wiring work in the system of primary and secondary colours. One wire is known is the tip while the other is known as the ring. Tips are usually in green, black and blue. Pair them up respectively with rings that are usually in red, yellow and white.

  1. You can convert your phone lines into an emergency power source.

Phone lines have their own power coverage. If you ever noticed, you might not need to plug in your telephone to an outlet. Phone lines have enough power to keep it running and you can use it as a backup power source too. All you need to do is create a different circuit and connect the respective cables for your gadgets wirings. This is useful for your urgent emergency needs of power.


It might be challenging to start your DIY phone line installations at home. Study and read up well some samples over the web if you decide to do one yourself. However, if you still find it a bit challenging to do so, Sydney Inner West Electrician is always available for you.

Sydney Inner West Electrician are the expert electricians you need for your power enquiries. As a team of Level 2 electricians, we can do phone line installations for you. All you need to do is contact us. We are here for you and your phone line matters.

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