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Is it Time to Change my Light Switch?

What our customers say

Gone were the times when lighting was very scarce and difficult to manage. Nowadays, you work on a light fixture, light dimmers and light switches.

LED lights and electronic lamps are available everywhere. Instead of replacing firewood to keep fire, you replace a light switch in your homes. A light switch is one of the most basic things you’ll have at home.

You’ll need to check the light switches in your home from time to time. These devices are responsible for allowing the current to get to your light bulbs. A faulty light switch can send your home on fire. Accidents and injuries from electrocution instances can send you to the hospital. Light switches wear out over time. They get worn out because of use. Replacing them needs proper planning. Ask for expert help in dealing with your light switch.

You need professional advice from electrical experts like Sydney Inner West Electrician. We can give you the most applicable guidance for your light switch. We can also change them for you in a safer manner. No matter how “safely” you can do things like these, it’s not a guarantee. You can’t just safely change them by yourself.

Common damages

When your light switch wears out, you need to check them first. Then decide with your electrician on how and what to with those light switches in your house. There are valid reasons for changing them.

  • Defect in the light switch itself
  • Tripped circuit breakers
  • Fuse burnouts
  • Issues with wiring

Light switches can manifest these common damages in many ways at home. For faulty light switches, you might have experienced some occurrences in your home.

  • Malfunctioning light bulbs and light fixtures
  • Lightbulbs are functional when tested
  • Buzzing sounds or frying sounds are audible
  • Overheating instances from light switch
  • Smoke coming from light switch
  • Sparks are visible when you switch lights on 

Call the expert electricians

The real question is, are you allowed to change major electrical parts at home? The answer is no. No matter how small your light switch concern is, it is illegal to do electrical work. Without proper license and training, you can get charges from Sydney. NSW Fair Trading has posted penalties and fines for this work. You can garner as much as $22,000 up to $110,000 in fines for unlicensed electrical work in your property. Light switch change is an electrical concern that needs licensed electricians for safety. 

How can you safely change your light switch? Call the expert electricians in your area. To make sure that you’re truly safe, trust the experts. They can take charge and work on your light switch. Sydney Inner West Electrician has done many light switch jobs. There’s nothing safer than letting the authorised people do what they’re trained to do. Invest in your safety and your home’s protection. Phone in Level 2 electricians around.


Thinking that light switch change is easy can get you in trouble. There are many preventive measures and practices that electricians train for. They have real knowledge and experience in dealing with even the simplest things. Anything that involves power can cause potential harm. It’s better to call electricians that risk yourself and your property. 

Here at Sydney Inner West Electrician, we are a team of Level 2 electricians. This means we have the proper training and license you need to replace those light switch you have. We offer all sorts of lighting services for you. Don’t put yourself in compromise for something that seems simple. Let us do the light switch installation for you in the safest way possible. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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