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Are Incandescent Bulbs Banned in Australia?

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The development of incandescent light has paved the way for the dawn of the lighting industry.

However, after over a century of innovation, the traditional incandescent bulb has now come to a significant downfall.

An incandescent bulb uses a wire filament and electricity to produce light and heat. It emits a low level of brightness, lasting for about a thousand hours of use. 

Moreover, incandescent lights come in many types, wattages and voltages. Common forms of this lamp include halogens and tungsten incandescent bulb. The restriction of incandescent bulbs in the market is mainly due to its high level of inefficiency. Also, these bulbs require a significant amount of power to function.  

Aside from that, incandescent globes waste a lot of energy supplied, using only about 5-10% to create light. Hence, converting the rest of its electricity flow into heat.

The Australian administrators have come to a consensus of completely banning incandescent bulbs in the whole country. Thus, imposing a sale, production and import restriction to different types of incandescent lights.

The Onset of Incandescent Bulbs Restriction

In 2009, the Australian legislators began the restriction of the sale and importation of tungsten filament incandescent and halogen bulbs with less than 15 lumens per wattage of efficiency level.  

Furthermore, the Australian government have directly coordinated with manufacturers to stop the production of incandescent lights. As a result, various types of inefficient incandescent bulbs have vanished in the market within the succeeding years.

Total Ban of Incandescent Lights

Based on a survey of the Department of Industry in 2016, about 32% of households were using halogen lights, and 13% used incandescents. Overall, 45% of homes were using inefficient bulbs, and the rest used highly-efficient lighting.

The said percentage shows that almost half of the household’s population still uses substandard halogen and incandescent lamps. Thus, urging the government to take drastic measures in eliminating these traditional light bulbs.

On 2018, COAG Energy ministers agreed to improve lighting energy efficiency regulation through the total phase-out of the remaining inefficient halogen bulbs.

Removing all types of incandescent and halogen light bulbs in the Australian market will be the primary goal of the proposed regulation.

Furthermore, align with the revised European Union (EU) policy, the total banning regulation of incandescent lights is set to take effect on September 2020.

Since the restrictions of other types of incandescent bulbs have started years ago, halogen lamps can be gone out of the stores just before the new regulation’s implementation. The Australian administration expects that the phase-out will lead to a time when halogens and incandescents can no longer be imported and used in the entire country.

A Shift to a Better Light Source

The administration’s bold action of raising energy efficiency standards should follow a shift to more efficient lighting usage on households and commercial buildings.

Incandescent bulb’s time of service is nearing its end. Thus, yielding to modern lighting options. Light bulbs like compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) can effectively replace your traditional incandescent lights.

In essence, LEDs and CFLs can help you save and use energy efficiently.


Due to its inefficiency, incandescent bulbs will be obsolete in no time. The government bans these traditional bulbs while promoting the use of modern and energy-saving kinds of bulbs.

Moreover, most people now favour the use of other types of bulbs, such as LEDs and CFLs, which supports energy efficiency. LEDs and CFLs are two modern light bulb that can best replace your substandard incandescent globe. 

The Australian administration highly encourages the use of LEDs, as it helps save more energy and eco-friendly. Therefore, you need to take action now before the total restriction of your old bulbs take effect. Besides, for your lighting installation and repairs, Sydney’s Inner West Electrician will be more than willing to help you with your new lighting installation

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