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10 Interesting Facts About LED Lights

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Most people only know about LEDs as better alternatives for incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.

However, there are lots of hidden features and interesting facts surrounding LED lights.

A Light Emitting Diode or LED is a light source that uses semiconductors to produce light. Because of its more compact structure, LEDs can give you several significant benefits which traditional light bulbs cannot.

Also, you can find LEDs on most households and industries within the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Despite our basic knowledge about them, there are more to know about LED lights.

For further information, here are some interesting and relevant facts about LED lights that will ease your curiosity.

LEDs Last More than a Decade

LED lights usually last for a remarkable lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours. If you are using a high-quality LED bulb for about eight hours a day, then it could last for more than a decade.

Modern LED bulbs don’t quickly burn off since it is composed of multiple LEDs connected in parallel. When a single LED fails to light up, it will only have a small impact on the brightness of the entire light bulb.

When LED lights reached the end of its operational life, it won’t typically burn out. It will still emit light but gradually becomes dimmer over time.

Energy Efficiency

LED lights are 80 to 90% energy efficient than traditional bulbs. About 90% of electricity flow creates illumination, instead of being released as heat.

Moreover, LED Lights emit a minimal amount of heat. Compared with incandescent bulbs and CFLs, which release about 80 to 90% of energy into heat, LED light uses energy most efficiently.

Cost-effective in the Long Run

LED lights last several times longer than other types of bulbs. Thus, providing you with a cost-saving benefit. Instead of buying traditional lights which will only last for a couple of months, obtaining LEDs lights is a much better option.


Unlike conventional fluorescent bulbs, LEDs do not contain mercury and any hazardous materials. LEDs being made to be 100% recyclable, therefore, helps in decreasing your carbon footprint.

Reliable Durability

LED lights can operate even on freezing conditions. Low temperatures don’t generate significant damaging effects to its light bulb. Moreover, LEDs can withstand harsh environmental conditions. Its light bulb tolerates temperatures ranging from -40 C to +85 C.

On the other hand, LED bulbs don’t easily get broken or even need frequent changing, as it is resistant to vibrations and shock.

LEDs Attract Fewer Insects

High levels of ultraviolet and infrared rays attract insects. Fortunately, LEDs do not produce UV and IR rays, so they don’t appeal much to bugs. However, this may not totally address your bug problem. Still, it will help you reduce the number of insects hovering around your light-source.

Promotes Food Preservation

Conventional light sources emit UV rays which decrease the nutrient levels of foods, especially of fruits and vegetables. Using LEDs to light up supermarkets, restaurants and kitchens is an effective way of retaining food nutrients, as it does not emit UV rays.

Directional Light Sources

LED can project its light on a specific direction without the need to use a reflector. Moreover, lighting systems that use LED bulbs deliver light more efficiently, permitting you to have better control over the distribution of light.

Low Voltage Rating

Unlike traditional bulbs, LED bulbs don’t require high energy to produce light. Hence, making LED light suitable for external solar panels or any energy source which have lower voltage power.

Broad Colour and Dimming Capabilities

LEDs can be combined to create other colour options. Traffic lights and indicator lights use standard LED colours such as red, green and blue. Likewise, LEDs with blue light are often used in food stores as it has an antibacterial effect that helps preserve food.

Also, dimmable light bulbs offer you various colour temperatures. You get to adjust and control the brightness level of your LED lights as you preferred.


Being curious allows you to learn new information, such as interesting facts about LED bulbs. After reading the facts, you get to know that LED lights are highly beneficial in several circumstances.

If you ever decide to install LED lightings within your home or business area, Sydney Inner West Electrician will provide you with the quality service you desire.

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